Kevin Oliver Noosa

Hi there! My name is Kevin Oliver and I am an Online (and offline) Adventurer. This is what I tell People when they ask me what I do.

Life is an adventure, that’s for certain and I like to share my adventures with anyone who cares to listen. Kevin Oliver is a Pastry Chef by trade, a Web Designer, Photographer and passionate cook.

My most current projects are:

Kevin Oliver

Online (and offline) Adventurer

Welcome to the Kevin Oliver home page. From here you can explore my current online adventures.

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Current Project

In Home Cook

SaveThyme In Home Cook Service was started to help busy people while I fulfill my creative need to cook.

I create a menu based on your preferences and create a shopping list for you, then I cook a weeks worth of meals so you don’t need to. I can even do the shopping!

Current Project

Web Designer

Kevin Oliver Web Design is my freelance web design studio that draws on my 8 years of Web Design experience.

If you have a project that you want to get of the ground, visit Kevin Oliver Web Design.