Cheap Web HostingThings To Consider

Cheap Web Hosting – Things To Consider is an article to help you understand the difference between the various web hosting options and their pitfalls.

An Introduction To Cheap Web Hosting

If one does a quick Google search for “Cheap Web Hosting” it becomes apparent that it is a search term used around 14,800 time a month. So obviously, everyone wants cheap web hosting?

Well, not necessarily. A Google search for “Web Hosting” returns 90,500 monthly searches. But regardless of which term you are searching for, cheap web hosting is highly sought after.

What is Web Hosting Exactly?

When you have a website, it needs to live somewhere on the World Wide Web. That space is referred to as Hosting Space or simply Web Host. Your Web Host is providing you with Hosting real estate if you like. Your own corner of the web.

There are various types of web hosting such as virtual, dedicated, managed, grid and cloud hosting. Some of these are free, some are cheap and some are premium options. More on these options below.

Is Cheap Web Hosting A Good Thing?

The short answer is no. The long answer is, well it depends on a few things. In my experience and having tried many free options, I can categorically say that in most cases, cheap web hosting will hurt your business, your brand or other online endeavors.

Hopefully, I can lay out the pros and cons in the difference between cheap web hosting and premium web hosting.

Why Do People consider Cheap Web Hosting?

When in business, it is paramount to keep costs as low as possible – especially when getting a start up going. Even if a business that has been around a while decides to get a new website, the idea of paying for premium web hosting is considered, for some reason or another, to be a waste of money.

Perhaps it’s not the actual business owner themselves, but their web designer who suggests that cheap (or free) web hosting is a good idea. The problem, it seems, is that some people don’t understand the downside to not using a premium web hosting provider.

So this brings me to the first point about why cheap web hosting can be a bad option.

What is The Number One Point of Your Website?

Even though I am writing about hosting options, I am coming back to the most important question in web design. No matter the subject, What Is the Point Of  Your Website is always, and I mean, always the number one question.

The answer is simple enough. To Provide The Visitor With Relevant And Helpful Information.

What Is the Point Of Your Website? To Provide the visitor with relevant and helpful information about your brand or product. Simple.

Performance Matters

You may have the coolest looking, prettiest website on the internet but, if it takes forever to load (6 seconds or more) you will most likely loose your visitor because they are not going to wait for your page to load. One visitor lost is a potential customer lost.

One website visitor lost because of a slow loading page is a potential customer lost forever - who can afford that?

To be fair, page load speeds can’t be blamed solely on the host provider, sometimes a website is just poorly built. Read my article Website Health Check to learn more about this. In having said that however, the hosting you choose will have a direct effect on the speed of your pages load time.

What Makes Cheap Hosting Cheap?

Both free and cheap web hosting are possible due to advances in technology. Shared Web Hosting for example, allows a hosting provider to let up to 1000 or more website share the same space.

As an experiment, I created a Free Hosting account and put up a very basic WordPress website. I then went to one of my favourite Reverse IP tools and checked who I was sharing hosting space with.

The results are astounding!

Further to the issue of sharing cheap web hosting space with 999 other websites, their is at least one site that hes been flagged as having explicit content.

There is a high possibility that all of the web sites on this web server may be blocked by web filtering software not to mention, search engine rankings for these web sites may be affected as well!

So, What Makes A Good Web Host Provider?

There are 5 points that make up a good host provider. I must point out here that in most cases, these are covered by Premium Web Hosting.

1. Uptime

Uptime refers to the percentage that the host is up (or live). Down time can happen for various reasons, the most likely, too much traffic. Consider if there was 1 person on each of the sites shown in the image above, that would be 1 person x 1000.

You would literally have the equivalent on 1000 people on that hosting space at once. Then multiply that by 2, then 3 etc. Cheap web hosting won’t be providing you with the necessary Band Width, that’s for sure.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth allows you to process a certain amount of web traffic. In other words, the more people visiting your site at any given time, the more bandwidth you need.

For the most part, any premium web hosting will allow you a generous amount of bandwidth but if your site goes viral, you need the ability to buy more without any drama.

3. Space

Space refers to the allotted space you have to store all tour files. These file include the code that makes up your website, images, video, music, eBooks or any other assets your website requires.

If you have a small website of say, 5 to 10 pages, the typical amount of web server space will be adequate with premium web hosting. On the other hand, if you have a growing eCommerce website that has (or will have) hundreds of pages, you will need the ability to increase your server space.

4. Speed

The better quality your hosting plan, the faster your website will be. (Other than a poorly build website – premium hosting can’t help you there.)

Speed matters to after all, as I said earlier, if it takes forever to load (6 seconds or more) you will most likely loose your visitor because they are not going to wait for your page to load.

5. Security

Security is paramount in Google’s eyes now days. It has become an important ranking factor to. A premium web hosting provider will offer at the very least, a free basic SSL Certificate.

An SSL Certificate is what gives you the green padlock in the browser. It is also what gives your site visitors piece of mind – especially if they are looking to purchase from your site.

Types of Cheap Website Hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is when a bunch of websites share the same web server (as mentioned above). Every website on a given server shares the server’s resources like disk space, CPU, Memory and others.

Virtual Hosting (VPS)

A Virtual Host is a way to host multiple domain names on a single server. This allows one server to share its resources, such as memory and processor cycles without requiring all services provided to use the same host name. It is basically one step up from shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is were your website is hosted in a cloud of servers. Basically speaking, there are a bunch of servers available by the host provider. Your website is spread over some (or all) them. This means that your site is not susceptible to CPU overloading, other websites crowding the server space or most of the other problems associated with shared or VPS hosting.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name suggests, Dedicated Hosting is a dedicated hosting space for a single website. In most cases it is full proof with little getting in the way of performance. However, Dedicated Hosting can be expensive and is best for huge websites that need total interruption to their service.

Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is where a company takes care of all the tech stuff so you don’t have to worry, except not all Managed hosting companies are created equal. A managed hosting company will offer one or all of the types of hosting mentioned so far and you will pay accordingly.

There is a certain attraction to the like of Netregisrty, Crazy Domains, GoDaddy and others because you can get a Domain Name and Hosting in one place. This makes integration seamless for a novice (site owner of novice web designer).

No matter who you choose, they must, at a most basic level,  satisfy the points outlined in the What Makes A Good Web Host Provider section.

Who I (Highly) Recommend

I absolutely recommend (and use) Flywheel WordPress Hosting.

Disclaimer: I do not receive any commission or other incentive to promote Flywheel. It’s just that they are the best hosting provider hands down in my opinion.

Flywheel is specifically designed to work for WordPress websites and has a huge list of features that makes 99% of all other hosting providers look like, well amateurs.

Flywheel is not a cheap web hosting option but then, the turnover you stand to improve on will easily make up the difference. Plans start at US$165 per year. Not much in the scheme of things I say.

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Cheap Web Hosting – Things To Consider is an article to help you understand the difference between the various web hosting options and their pitfalls.

Simply put, domain names are your website’s equivalent of a street address. Very helpful if you want to be found!

Cheap Web Hosting – Things To Consider is an article to help you understand the difference between the various web hosting options and their pitfalls.