About Kevin Oliver Web Design

Hi there, my name is Kevin Oliver, I am a Professional Web Designer based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Not only am I a web designer, I am also a dedicated foodie, photographer, traveler and blogger. When someone asks me what I do exactly, I reply with “I am lifestyle engineer”.


Kevin Oliver Web Design is the sum of eight years in the industry. Having worked at PixelJam256, Noosa Web & Graphic and Benchmark Web Design, I decided to create my own brand based on my own name. Basically, I stand 100% behind every project I put my name to.

Web design is a real passion, bordering on an obsession. You know when you close your eyes at bedtime and all you see is code, you’ve got a problem!


With a flood of ‘do it yourself’ platforms available on the web, everyone thinks they can be a web designer. What people don’t understand is effective web design encompasses far more than a good looking page.

When novices (and my own customers) understand why things are the way they are, everyone wins. The world wide web is jam packed with tutorials, opinions and novice ‘web designers’. None of which will help the average business owner create a truly useful business tool.


The focus at Kevin Oliver Web Design is on business owners who either need a brand new professional business tool or business owners that need a website revamp. Starting from scratch is the perfect option since everything from Web Hosting to Design to Search Engine Optimisation can be done properly the first time.

A Website Redesign is more challenging because one must work with what has already been put in place. It’s a challenge but for so many sites out there, it needs to be done.

Web Design HQ

Kevin Oliver Web Design headquarters is in a purpose built office at my home. Long gone are the days of a hipster, flashy office space. After all, someone has to pay for that! I see Kevin Oliver Web Design as no different to the café I visit each morning or the local butcher I get my meat from

Can We Work Together?

I am careful who I choose to work with. Not because I’m so important but rather, not everyone is serious about their business.

If you think I can help let me know!

Kevin Oliver Web Design is all about helping those with online ambitions and am extremely well aware that ideas are hard to share sometimes. You can be rest assured we will never, ever share your ideas with anyone.

Find out everything you need to know about creating a new website for your business in a most cost effective way.

Is your website converting to sales? Are users getting what they are looking for? Is it time to redesign?

Crazy fast, hacker free security and affordable dedicated web hosting. You won’t find better.

My Website Health Check test is specifically for those that already have a website and would like to know how it is performing using 4 sets of key metrics.

My Website Planning Guide is aimed at helping those who want or need a new website but have no idea where or how to start.

Cheap Web Hosting – Things To Consider is an article to help you understand the difference between the various web hosting options and their pitfalls.

Simply put, domain names are your website’s equivalent of a street address. Very helpful if you want to be found!

Cheap Web Hosting – Things To Consider is an article to help you understand the difference between the various web hosting options and their pitfalls.